What People Say

I would recommend Neysela to any organisation needing flair, energy and experience. Neysela has a wealth of experience in the UK and USA in a range of organisations including the Met, Brooklyn and the Whitney as well as the Horniman and British Music Experience. She has a very professional attitude, and is a good team player, with highly effective communication skills and a delightful way of interacting with groups of all kinds. From teaching her on the MA course at UCL IOE I know that Ney also has strong writing and research skills. She can be guaranteed to provide a fresh perspective, to fit in flexibly and rise to whatever challenges are presented.
John Reeve, former lecturer in museum studies UCL IOE and former chair GEM


Informed. Insightful. Inspirational. Neysela Da Silva-Reed is a thoughtful and engaging ambassador for museums, able to connect with a diverse public. Da Silva-Reed’s work embodies excellence and poise, whether in the classroom, gallery or special venue.
Neal Stimler


I met Ney at the New York Historical Society when my son had just turned 2 years old. After attending our first “Little New-Yorkers” program, I promptly signed up for a membership at the museum as I knew that I would want to bring my son back for this program often. Ney is a very special educator who is able to engage both very young children as well as adults simultaneously. Her passion for art, history, storytelling and education in general was clear. We saw Ney most weeks for nearly 2 years and I can say without hesitation that she is one of the most creative, knowledgeable and enthusiastic museum educators that I have encountered in my 4 years of being a parent and attending numerous children’s programs throughout New York City.
Jennifer Fuller, Parent


Neysela is a dedicated and passionate educator with deep and broad experience in the field of museum education. I was fortunate to benefit from Neysela’s expertise in teaching and learning while working closely with her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. I was so impressed by her pedagogical approach that I invited her to present during one of my courses for teachers. Neysela gave an engaging and relevant presentation that illuminated how teachers can make meaningful connections between religious works of art from around the world and their students own interests and life experiences. Her ability to break down such a complex and potentially fraught topic was truly impressive. The teachers came away with concrete strategies that they could use to integrate works of art into their curriculum in order to help their students learn more about themselves and the world around them.
Nicola Giardina, Astor Fellowfor K-12 Education Metropolitan Museum of Art


Ney transformed our early childhood museum programming through her thoughtful museum education practice, her never-ending creativity, and her incredible artistic ability. She brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position here, immediately connected with families, and built up quite a following amongst the little ones. In particular, the art projects Ney developed—which built on the picture books, museum objects, and families’ personal lives—were stellar. Wearable, functional, and tactile pieces—all created and constructed by the kids and adults together. We still get requests for them! Last by not least, Ney is an inspiring colleague and it is always a pleasure to bounce ideas around with her, compare museum education notes, and catch up on the latest practice and theories. A true intellectual who gets into it with kids—she’s one of kind!
Alice Stevenson, Director, DiMenna Children’s History Museum


For one of my @ITweetMuseums initiatives, I collaborated with Neysela Da Silva-Reed who spearheaded a unique behind-the-scenes tweet-up of the expansive (and often idiosyncratic) art collection of the United Nations headquarters in New York City. From the very beginning of the project through to its completion, her enthusiasm and professional know-how made the coordination, planning and outcome of the event not only a success, but a fun and insightful adventure. Our #UNdetails event even trended on Twitter in NYC! Given any opportunity, I would leap at the chance to work with Ney again.
Mark Schlemmer


Ney began working with me first as a volunteer and then continued as a part-time employee at the Brooklyn Museum on our then new program for toddlers called Meet the Museum. Over the three years we worked together, Ney became instrumental in shaping and growing the program with an eye towards its long-term stability. Ney exudes warmth and kindness with her coworkers as well as museum visitors. Because of this she connected with the families at Meet the Museum, supporting their first encounters in museum learning and helping parents to feel comfortable with seeing and making art with their toddlers. Ney believes that learning through art is achievable even for the youngest visitors. In the galleries, Ney created and led experiences that supported the developmental growth of toddlers grounded in a pedagogy that prioritizes learning through authentic objects.
Kristin Scarola, Senior Educator Family Programs Brooklyn Museum